Baton Rouge: Riot police in heavy gear arresting peaceful protester in a dress

Tensions remain high across the US after police shot Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philandro Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota, last week, which was followed by a sniper attack in Dallas that left five police officers dead.

#BlackLivesMatter Riots are reaching new heights.
This truly tragic week in the United States, has produced back lash on police enforcement against the black community in the United States.
This image of a woman peacefully protesting in Baton Rouge while being grabbed by police officers in riot gear is producing a lot of talk over the social media.

Leshia Evans, 28, was attending her first ever protest march in Baton Rouge yesterday when she was pictured in this iconic image being arrested by heavily armed police
She is a mom and nurse’s assistant who spent 24 hours in jail for her ‘crime

Here are only some of the tweets and images:

“Brave lady in Baton Rouge.
Brave man in Tiananmen Square”.






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