Selfie Stick – Behind You!



The selfie stick – you can love it or hate it, but it has become “mainstream” to carry around.

Most of you probably know at least one person that is addicted to it.

Now, you can offer him\her the next step of their addiction : The “Pocket Drone”.

The “Pocket” part – is quite misleading though, since you have to attach it to your smartphone – which totally contaradicts any physical reality that will allow you the insertion of all this “Tech construction” into your pocket.

Yet, the “Drone” part is totally legit – as you can see it hovers around while being controled by your fingertips.



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  1. hay pues aki vengo de metichona, jejejeje, no hace mucho k descubri esto del scrap, y me facino, asi k me di a la tarea de buscar en la red y me encontre con este super blog, y desde entonces las sigo. no se si todavia pueda participar, pero ya envie mi resultado, super entretenida la dinamica. MUCHAS GRDNAAS.SALUIOSCEX

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