How to stay updated with the Premier League

6 apps no Premiere League fan should be without this season

Premier League play is well under way, and it’s the time of year to loyally follow your club’s every move.

But if you’re just as busy as the players, you may not always have access to the games. Whenever you can’t get near a television to fully enjoy the action, you need to find a way to get the updates, scores, and highlights on-the-go.

To that end we’ve assembled the best apps for following your favourite club’s action this season. Ideally, you’ll see it all from a large TV, but when you have to settle for a phone you’ll be grateful for these apps.

Premier League Official App

The Premier League official app is the best way to manage a fantasy team from your mobile. You may manage your team best from your desktop, but when it comes to making a last minute substitution before the deadline, you have got to have access from your phone. Better yet, you can get updates sent to your phone whenever you’re on-the-go and can’t keep up with the games. The best feature of this app has to be the 25+ years worth of statistics for those who want to dive that deep into the game.

the Score App

The Score is the app for stats fans and multi-sports followers alike. With current information on the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga and more, it even gives you information on golf, baseball, basketball and the MMA, all from one app. You can personalize it to have a custom feed of favourite teams from different sports, or simply enjoy the bottomless well of news that’s available.

Sky Sports Football App

The Sky Sports Football app has nearly everything a fan could hope to access from their phone. Videos of every goal, match highlights, as well as up to date results make it the easiest way to keep track of the Premier League. In addition to the Premier League, the app gives video for the EFL, La Liga, and the MLS. Sky customers get access to the in-game goal highlights but everyone else will have to make do with a free Sky ID that limits the content.

Official Fifa App

Fifa is quite expansive so it makes sense that their app is just as broad. If you choose to stay current with the Official Fifa app you’ll get 197 national leagues, intercontinental games, and the World Cup qualifiers.With the Russia 2018 World Cup on the horizon, this app is the best choice for those gearing up for international matchups.

Forza Football App

Just like the official Premier League app, the Forza Football app provides live updates to games and notifications for urgent news. Forza Football distinguishes itself for offering opinion polls on plays, strategy’s, and debates making it a more interactive platform.

Fifa Mobile App

While the Fifa video game is best enjoyed from a home console, you can play the iPhone version on-the-go. It may be challenging to take your Fifa controls down to phone size, but head to head matchups and managing your Ultimate team remains just as fun.

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